New Video

I finally did it! Not only did I come up with a 'come back' video set, but they're on 3D nail art, which I've been promising to do for a few ... uh... a year.

So here it is::

There are three videos in total with the first two being on supplies and making a few simple shapes with acrylic. This third video shoes clips from the nail party at my place last saturday.

I am really glad I got it loaded up and now I think I'll be more relaxed about making more and not worry about nothing being good enough. I have a felt camera bag for a child's gift I want to do and I also need to remake the Tsumami Kanzashi video but I'm actually looking forward to that because I think I can make it better this time.

Something I'm really looking forward to doing is making, and doing a video for in future, are some dreadlock falls. I tried making them in the past, but the tips I got for constructing them were really awful and so my dreads were difficult to make and no fun at all. Now that I have some new tips from You Tube I can't wait to try again...

I want to make a set in custom colors for myself but inspired by these braids and dreads combo::

And I am definitely going to buy these from her. I have been wanting them for about two years now and I'm totally stoked that she still makes them! I just have to dye my hair and see what color it comes out first... Ai! I can't wait!


October 1st is the start of fair game for Halloween!

Since today is October 5th and five is my favorite number, I decided that meant it was the day to decorate for Halloween. In my book, any day-starting with the first-is okay to start wearing ghost earrings. I don't know WHEN I became the sort of person who wore holiday earrings but I think it had something to do with moving out and having my own house and realising that when you're a grown up, making the holidays special is 100% up to you so I get in the spirit with tacky Halloween jewelry. Sue me.

Because I wasn't born and raised in Hawaii, some of the holidays I'm used to having cooler and darker weather for but that's not the way it goes here. The sun is out and the plumeria are in full and sweet smelling bloom. That doesn't mean that Halloween is not going to happen full steam in my house though!

Cold weather holidays that are synonymous with browning leaves, fall squash, and later things like dried corn husks and even snow don't get ignored in Hawaii just because we're a different climate. In fact, there are even pumpkin farms here! Everybody gets into the spirit of the holidays. Sometimes there's a little bit of a Hawaiian twist to things, but in my house I like to recreate the holiday traditions I grew up with to remind me of home and childhood.

The exception is that I do hang this cute paper lantern pumpkin up prominently. Not only is he cute, but he reminds me of the blend of my childhood traditions with some of the culture and traditions here in Hawaii. Asian culture is everywhere in Hawaii and it really is a place where East and West have met half way and mingled together.  I like the playful nod to the mixing pot culture. It reminds me to have pride in where you come from and what your traditions are, but also to have respect for where you are and the values and traditions of the people local to your new home.

At home, I can remember that the best part of Halloween was when my mom would hang the cool cotton webs all over everything. The year she stopped doing it really bummed me out. I think she felt like it was too much work, but stringing it only takes a few minutes and to me, cobwebs make or break the holiday. I vowed I would have cobwebs every year!

Mom's plastic spiders were really delicate with long, spindly legs. These ones are kinda chunky, like the runt in a family of bird spiders. ;...;

As I was stringing up the cobwebs I realised that my photographs in this room are actually a little eerie because they're so old! The thought occurred to me that next year I should scan all my pictures and photoshop in very small differences in them to make them horror versions of their usual selves. But... I think I'll ask if Great Great Gran had a sense of humor first. Just in case.

An easy decoration tip for all seasons and events uses just a few picture frames and some greeting cards. I rotate my cards or hang up special cards or messages to suit the need.

Just rotate out the image for your new desired one. I like either using a special card someone has mailed me or getting a special holiday card like these super el glittery ones! Because you can get a greeting card for free or for under 5$, it's pretty inexpensive! Of course, you could also just draw a picture or use a magazine cut out or internet printout. If you like scrapbooking or painting, that'd be pretty sweet too.

Weeee! Now I just need to make that one a little more crooked and put some cobwebs on it. n...n

Some Halloween ideas: 
*Cover a lighted house sign with thin orange construction paper (or other semi-sheer paper)
*Garlands made with candy corn or old fashioned hard candies still in wrappers
*A Halloween tree made from a twiggy branch, painted black, and hung with DIY miniatures
*Halloween style macabre "Valentines" for friends with black lace and skeletons

Do you have some decoration ideas you can add to this humble list?

Now, I'll say that I'm a bit of a health nut in my off time and I aim to eat healthy and natural foods but I have a soft spot for a Halloween snack I was taught in kindergarten by my teacher, Mrs. Johnson (shout out!) It involves:: Crazy scary processed cheese slices, tomato sauce, and English muffins.  This activity is save enough for kids and must obviously make a fun impression because I'm almost 27 and still make these every year. Simply cut out a jack-o-lantern face in your cheese. (My husband did the one in front. >o

A quick job for kids can be slapped together while they cut with a dull tool and then heated under a broiler in a few seconds, but I'm all gourmet about my crappy jack-o-lantern pizzas. I like to toast mine first and then put it to bake at 350 and give it time to heat all the way through and melt properly. My adult tastebuds call for quality.

Watch out for burnt, black cheese product. Black looks good during Halloween, but not on your 2% milk cheese foodstuffs.

Please tell me about your favorite Halloween traditions, decorations, or art projects. n...n