Flower Factory

I just returned from a really fabulous trip to amaaaaaaazingly beautiful Victoria, B.C. that my girl friend treated me to. It goes without saying that I was all over having tea at The Empress, but we also took the time to visit The Butchart Gardens and saw some truly amazing landscapes. I'm sure anyone who has gone could agree the entire place is quite a sight! By far, I'd say my favorite garden is one that utilizes greens and shrubbery well (and The Butchart Gardens do). I could love a garden of nothing but greens, honestly. Still, flowers have their special places and my favorites are delphiniums, hydrangeas, and... um, roses, obviously. I'm sure many of you know that The Butchart Gardens have an amazing rose garden with tons of species from all over the world. It was fabulous research and I look forward to painting roses and shaping petals to try to match some of the more exotic varieties there.

While I'm taking a summer holiday with my family, I've been filling my time with embroidery, hair comb making, calligraphy, and flower painting.

I made some fantasy gardenias in soft blues, pinks, and a few traditionally white with very subtle gold tints, taking the time to balance the different tones, painting in layers, to really amp up the definition.

The plan to amass a variety of different sizes and breed shapes is coming along, like in this collection of pinks in varying size and color intensity.

I've got everything from the palest pastels and straight through to striking reds and barely red or blue tinged black roses, but those I'll save to show off until I find the perfect way to naturally darken their stems.

At present, I have over eighty roses and gardenias in varying sizes but I still have about four hundred roses and cherry blossoms that are blank slates waiting for color. Because it takes hours to paint, dry, cut, shape, and otherwise prep my flowers for use, I tend to do it as a social activity. Paint while chatting and the like... but it's also very relaxing to take some quiet time now and then and paint on my own and let my thoughts wander. Either way, I'm going to be a real flower factory for the next month and a half and I hope to have no less than two hundred flowers ready to use by September.

Having so many flowers is really encouraging me to use more of them in my projects and since I love their look a thousand times more than the pre-fab flowers I used to use, I'm always stoked to include them.

This mirror has five of my hand painted roses for my current blue themed line, three different kinds of specialty wires, and three different types of leaves to give the most depth and realism. As with all of my mirrors and sconces, the glass is held in the wire design with no glue or special tricks. Just a careful and practiced arrangement of wires.

Mirrors are super hard to photograph, but I'll put in some solid effort to shoot it as professionally as I can before I list it for sale. Cross my heart! (mirror photography tips welcome!)

This mirror is (to borrow a word of my good friend) 'so doll' in person. It's larger than my previous mirrors which makes it more functional and much more striking to display. The mix of brown and green wire adds tons of depth, and the traditional paper flora looks so delicate and porcelain like. There are more than five hours of labor to produce a single mirror.

If anyone would like to purchase this mirror before it hits the shop, I'll offer a special blog-only discount from 65$ to 55$. I'll also be glad to take a custom color order for the same discounted price, but only for a limited time! E-mail me for inquiries.