Awaiting my camera!

Camera LoooOOooOOOOOooove!

I'm waiting on the arrival of my brand new camera! It's a DSLR, my very first evarr. I've been reading up on the photography books and amassing a small treasure trove of accessories. Of course, because I'm new at all of this I didn't want to throw in for some of the expensive items. I did get a 50mm lens, but I went for macro lenses, off brand extender tubes, a battery powered macro ring flash, and the like so I could try it out and learn without doubling my cost before I even start.

Though I doubt it'll be too interesting to many beyond camera lovers, allow me to be excited and BEHOLD!

It is the Canon EOS 60D! When I was researching cameras, I read all about this supposed contention between the 60D and Nikon's D7000 and so compared the two heavily. Not being a studio shooter with tons of lights to control, but wanting the larger buffer for burst shooting and regularly using odd angles and thus the articulating screen, I made my choice!

I am starting to learn about reciprocity in theory-because I've been now well instilled with the idea that it's less about the camera and more about the user- but I've still never even held a camera with much more than a zoom and a shutter button in my hands before. I have no idea what I'm doing. : D

Anyway, I will continue to break from posting until I get my camera and then insult everyone's eyes with my terrible photography : D YAYS.

P.S.: I've upped 'Emily Penned' to 40,000 words and currently feel totally irritated with it. Trying to find some people to help me screen and give initial feedback on the manuscript at this point to see if it's all in my head or if it's as simple as I'm imagining it is. x...x But everyone's so busy... I should find a local writer's group on MeetUp.