Flora's Flowers + Compact Paint Case

The other day when I was saying to myself, "You know, Self, today is a day for art!" but I didn't want to stay cooped up inside, I decided taking Flora outside and doing things with hammers and paint and luxuriously sparkly things in the dappled sunlight under our back yard tree was the best idea EVARR.


Flora's Flowers
(and Compact Paint Case)


  • Unwanted makeup compact
  • Hammer or tool to scrape out cosmetics
  • Scrubber and soap

While I was cleaning out the bathroom, I took a look at my old makeup compact and was about to throw it out when I thought "Hey! This would make a great little art case!" and a silly, but useful, upcycling idea was born. Angels sang. It was beautiful.


Poor grass...

I was fine getting rid of these makeups because I'm on a kind of anti-makeup kick right now and most makeups are terribly toxic to boot. These were no exception. Even if I wanted to wear makeup again some time soon, I wouldn't be putting these on....


Lots of wonderful smearing ensued.

Love this one <3


This also had the added bonus of being a fun toddler puzzle. : D


Now that we had a pretty rockin' new paint case, I really wanted to do something special with it, and decided Flora should get to make her very own special, just-like-Mommy's, own painted flower hair-pretty. She's super stoked about hair-pretties, so I hoped she'd like it. Flora is also very fond of coloring and also enjoys sewing with a thick needle, yarn, and plastic canvas, so I figured how hard could it be to paint some flowers like her mom does and thread them into some wire? Kind of the same concept in a slightly different application.

Flora chose the color and I was squeetastic that blue paint would match the blue butterfly. Hell, it could have been red and purple or something. Woulda figured with a kid.

First step is pour water all over the blanket outside.

I was actually really pleased with how lovely the colors soaked, even when done by the hand of a kid that's not even two yet. ...Does that say something about my skill level, then? ... I'm just going to vote that I'm a good teacher. Yeah. That's all.

After the painting, I started her out with a few bends to give her the idea.

She ended up with one big loop before wanting to move on and so I twisted the end up really well to give her places she could easily stick the flowers and leaves. I wrapped the wires down to make sure they were secure and wouldn't poke her in the process.

Despite making all those loops at the bottom for the flowers, she surprised me by sticking the small flower up in the middle of the loop she made. Nice placement, though. XD Maybe she has the eye for it and will want to make them too when she grows up... <3

Wonderful weather...

Lots of paint...

Mmm... sparkly pretties <3

Running around in underoos...?

I finished it up with a fat glop of hot glue on a headband, rather than wire wrapping it, to make sure all the wire ends were coated and hidden and wouldn't go poking or scraping anything.

All Done : D
Maybe next time I'll make something. :3