I have the most unreasonably boring closet and too much jewelry.

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I've written before about wanting to move into a tiny house and about my plans to actually build a tiny house, but in the mean time I live in some peoples' idea of a tiny house- 980 square feet.

It feels ridiculously too big now that I've put my mind to tiny living and even though I feel I own (especially now that I've started thinning) way less than the average American nuclear family, I still feel it's far, far, far too much.

This is my closet!

There is nothing interesting in my closet. I have the remnants of a wardrobe that doesn't fit my style anymore on one side and a bunch of purses I like to look at but don't really use in the other. Two very handy organizers are almost empty.

Now that I'm looking at having to build a lofted house on wheels instead of designing my own cob house, I have no idea what my closet space will look like. But I'm not picky. I could probably shed most everything. I'd really like the idea of having just a few clothes I could wear over and over and match with anything.

I felt very inspired after watching this video to cut out tons of clothing and go for natural fibers::

Hop to 4.11 to near where she's talking about where her clothes came from. While I don't think I'm up to the task of locally sourcing my clothes, I AM donating all my clothes except a few interchangeable pieces and all real fibers and goaling to not buy any clothes that aren't second hand. Anyway, the video is a great watch about all kinds of organic dyes if you're looking for something to watch. It inspired me to want to try my own hand at natural dying. I never knew it could be so colorful.

But all this talk about cutting out the excess and living a simpler life with fewer possessions and....


I'm totally a jewelry junkie. And when I recently self-employed myself with one of those direct sales jewelry companies, I ended up with thousands of dollars worth of show jewelry to wear and present as a part of my pitch. I loved, loved selling jewelry because I love retail and I ... yeah... love jewelry. But even though all the products were made in America and claimed to have XYZ good quality standards I would just CRINGE at how many times my customers would end up coming back with snapped bands or wearing plating. I couldn't stand the thought of not being able to have any hand in quality control to people who I was essentially using MY reputation for to vouch for other peoples' work.

In the end, I decided to retire early on but I miss it. I already miss it very much. I love face to face interaction with customers and I just don't get that on the internet.

But this is about getting rid of jewelry.

Clothes? Plates? Stationary? Toys? Shoes? Even books? No problem. I can scoop possessions up without blinking an eye and put them into donation or garage sale boxes. This jewelry? Not... ... not so easy. I wanted to hold on to SO much of it!!

I did some of the normal stuff hoarders do. "yeah, I don't use it NOW but if I ever wanted it, it'd be really hard to find again/expensive to buy again" or "maybe I should keep it and use it in another project!" Some pieces I decided flat out I get to keep. Whereas this wasn't from the company I worked for, Santa and Gilly Claus made it for Flora for her first Yulchristmahanukwanzaakah.

It's a little locket to hold her milk teeth when she starts to lose them. The little charm hangs out from under her pillow to make it easier for Tooth Fairy to pull out.

In the end I did... uh... so so, I think. On the left are the things I definitely want to sell. It's important to me to sell as many pieces of jewelry as I can. It's all practically new, if not completely mint, and every dollar they bring in is one more dollar to my 17,000$ estimated cost of building my house- a pretty big dollar upgrade happens in houses on wheels to what you'd pay for Cob!

The middle tray is... maybes. I sort of wish I had the ovaries to get rid of them but... there's memories or maybe I wish I still dressed that way. Stuff I have to really force myself to think about, to cut the sentimentality from the true desire. The right is stuff I definitely want to keep.

The middle box is piled with bead type necklaces, long layering necklaces, and even handmade necklaces that make me feel nostalgic to see them. It's piled up just about as high as the ones to sell, making my sell pile suddenly seem less cutthroat and impressive.

This is the way I used to dress. Lots of pearls, florals, big, big, big stones, always sparkly. Do I want to hold onto these because that's a great pearl bead necklace that layers well and goes with everything or because I still feel fondly of that time in my life?

This is what I'd definitely like to keep. There are a lot more metals, neutral pieces that could go with anything, as opposed to strictly fashion jewelry. Some of the pieces I'm surprised that I picked out because I didn't love them before.

Is this the stuff I feel actually represents the way I dress now? Or do I look at the kind of Earthy themes, pops of color, and vintage, artsy pieces and just think 'that's what I aspire to'?

Is keeping wishful thinking jewelry the same thing as keeping skinny jeans or is it planning ahead for what I see as a commitment to really downsize and live a more natural life?

Maybe it seems silly to some people. If I really want to live a natural life and downsize, I should just scoop it all up and sell it or donate it. I know there are a lot of people who don't think of the way they dress or adorn themselves as being the same as self expression, but to me it is. To me it's not about looking fashionable or up to date or even just generally put together, but about wearing colors and cuts and items and accessories that allow a person to look at me and go "OH! I know what kind of person she is."

Oh well. It's a silly thing really to dwell on like it's deep and full of  mysteries. Very First World Problems of me, so forgive me the indulgence. : )

Is getting rid of things hard for you? It used to feel almost impossible to me and I used to just own PILES of stuff. Obviously I still have a hard time on some things, letting them go. 
Is getting rid of some things easy for you, but not others? What are the things that are hard for you to let go of and why?


Time to haul out the stock

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Garden of Miniatures Preview

So this is a little late in coming, considering this comes from a small project I put together for my gran's birthday back in May but...

I made her a tiny garden!

All of the plants and accessories were in miniature. Some were purchased dollhouse accessories, like this set up...

But I did custom up a few tiny additions as well...

I took some video of the parts I was using as a scale reference for anyone who's curious about miniature garden parts or how craft store dollhouse parts compare to some of the specialty miniatures I got from a tiny garden shop online. I'm going to try to edit it and put it up some time this century, despite how intimidated I am of participating in YouTube these days...

I'll include a post with the snapshots from making the miniatures for funsies after I mix the video n...n

Cheers! : D
(And P.S.: Check out my new Etsy uploads, if you like! Thanks!)