Flora and Cooper's Candy Land Birthday! (part 2)

Flora and Cooper!
My cousin and I both had kids within a month of one another. We decided to throw a party together for the kids and Cooper really wanted a Candy Land birthday. The idea sounded pretty good, so Sara and I (with some input here and there from helpful family members) chipped in together to create a pretty freaking cute candy party. My cousin is super crafty too so we knew we wanted to try to do some really killer stuff.

Sara made the candy topiaries! I tried to help but she's a stickler for a perfect topiary and I kinda blew at it. Hers look way better. Ehem. They also weighed about a zillion pounds! We found some cute ideas online for giant candies which were balloons wrapped in cello paper. We used this idea to make giant lollypops and even garlands of 'hard candies'. We had waist high lollypops in the yard too.

One thought:: Thank god for bulk candy bins. That's all I'm saying. 

Giant butterflies, cupcake domes, and apothecary jars were all Ross and other discount store finds. Believe it or not, it wasn't even that expensive to get everything like this together.

Party time!

Everyone was afraid to dig into the table for a while, but
Dot got everyone started by going in for the best cake there.

Smart lady!

I totally wish I had some of that bean dip right now! : \

I only wish I'd taken some pictures of the lasagna and enchilada cupcakes! You can see some enchilada ones in the background of this picture at least... They were super good. A party like this, where we knew there'd be a lot of sweets, savories seemed like an especially important idea so we did foods that could be decorated like cupcakes!

The lasagnas had ricotta tops that were dyed like frosting and chopped with sour cream and a tomato just like the enchiladas.

Mmmmm, veggies.

The Activity!

Candy houses!

We used inexpensive pine birdhouses and made a ton of polymer clay
candies and sweets and the kids got to glue them on.

These are some pie slices I made! There was even a lattice top crust to it. The edges of the crust were crinkly cut and everything! Only after I put the splash of "cream" with the cherry and leaf on top I think the details were a little lost.

AHHHH! But look!! Is there anything cuter than the crazy handiwork of a child?

Love it.


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Flora and Cooper's Birthday (part 1 of 2)

I took SO many pictures getting ready for this party that even after getting selective with them, I still had so many pictures. I didn't even get all the processes for all the projects so this isn't much of a tutorial. Maybe just a "sharing our labor" post. : )

No words necessary.

So many rockin' cherry cake ice cream cone cupcakes!

Eeeeee n...n

My cousin, Sara, made the most badass castle and I glued candies on it.

We got the whole thing set up on a landscape of cotton candy and lollypops...
and then noticed the whole thing was deflating.

Yeah. We totally forgot that cotton candy would start to melt in the moisture of the air.
We had to come up with another plan. : \

Some Snacks

My candy land bean tip! : D

My mom and my auntie used cookie cutters to make cupcake lasagnas and cheese enchiladas!
So good. Seriously.

Cooper's Present


To the set up and the party...


Oops! Look what I never posted.... (Flora's 3rd Birthday)

It's coming up to another birthday for the kid and, let me tell you, I am beat and tired and totally not interested in throwing a party. She wants it to be Magic Schoolbus theme and I have some good ideas for it but my heart is just not in it right now. I usually work casually and in a relaxed way for about a month leading up to the party so all the details I've put into parties past aren't overwhelming. Now I only have around 2 weeks until I'd be throwing her an early birthday (to coincide with a visit from family) and I just don't wanna.

It might be a cupcakes and kids running around only kind of year.

But here's some old photos from her 3rd birthday- following with a post tomorrow with pics from her 4th. n...n

Flora's 3rd Birthday
Rainbow Theme!

I did spend a little less time on the party this year than previous years, but it was still pretty fun.

No inside shot of the cake (My mom iced it for me while I was doing other stuff) but it's that rainbow cake. You know, the kind with super thin layers, each a different color of the rainbow? We went with just a plain outside because the inside would be so intense.

We also tried to do that rainbow icing lettering but it didn't turn out quite right. Eh. Fuckit. It's a kid party!

Not real butterflies! n...n No big! But they flew around and looked pretty rad.

I'm a big fan of savories at a party. We did bruschetta and rainbow veggies with hummus and blue corn chips with guac. All the colors of the rainbow!

The game was seek the rainbow- this felt cloud was frowning until the kids found all the colored ribbons hidden in the yard. When they were found, the frown turned upside down and the kid who found the purple ribbon won the cloud.


The activity was rainbow tie dye t-shirt making! n.....n

Happy Birthday!


** My first time throwing a party! I was super proud of myself Daisy Birthday!
** Not everything went right for this party but whatevs. Unicorn Birthday!