Laptop repair!

Just an update here real quick-- A couple weeks ago my laptop had an issue with the charge port and I needed to send it in for repair. However, I also had a last minute (very massive) change in our moving plans for the cross-country move my family and I were scheduled to take... oh... a few days ago. Ehem. That put off sending in my laptop and now I'm here! It's been weeks since my last post. I have some new projects I'd like to put up... A cute negative space pillow I'm halfway through as well as a pride headband I made for the Seattle Pride Parade (which I also had to miss because of these plans :\ but hey, I still made the headband and I'll still share it!)

Without my laptop, I can't really access the pictures from my proper camera so I'll have to wait the five to twenty-five business days for the repair (sob!!! ;....;) and then I'll be back and blogging! (as well as so excited to have my laptop back that I'll snuggle it and never let it go!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good summer!


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