Pretty, Pretty Makeup :3

Who else remembers Tinkerbell makeup? You know the drug store stuff when we* were kids? I like the artistry or the nostalgia of putting on makeup so when I choose to wear makeup it's for the enjoyment of it. As such, I prefer that my makeup be awesome. I also like to feel as excited to put it on as when I rolled out my matchy-matchy, pink and spangled Tinkerbell stuff as a kid. I'm definitely not a fan of the makeup-dust covered compacts in a shoebox approach to makeuppery because it makes me feel like I'm doing a chore to use it, but to each their own.

I've been meaning to get around to decorating tools to be super special for a while and today I decided, "What the hell! Today's the day!"

*note that 'we' refers to those fabulous kids born in the 70s and 80s and, therefore, may not include you in the term 'we'. Please read accordingly.


This is my compact! I made it a while back. It's kind of crazy with slightly ragged edged ribbons and antique colored bits and rhinestone accents.

It's big and showy and ostentatious and I kinda like it, but it doesn't really do enough on its own. I really wanted to drive the point home so I decided to do up my brush and mascara too.

I pulled out some jars of bits - you know the little collections of random things that look nice together that you never know what you might use them for. This rad random stuff necklace maker I met once told me it's a better idea to hoard bits and let them speak to you rather than to get an idea and go looking for specific parts or you'll spend too much money and maybe not get what you wanted anyway. (A tip that's served me well more than once.)

I started with a cotton lace border. I used hot glue because hot glue stays, but can also peel off of metal easily enough if you're trying to get it off for any reason.

Normal people would stop at a simple lace border. It's kinda cute like that. If you like that kind of thing, you should wrap all your brushes in lace ribbon and be happy, but that's obviously not what I do here. There is still so much more shit to glue down.

(Here you can see how easily I can peel the glue rings off which came in handy when I glued the tassel on crooked the first time.)

Bam! Look at that cool tassel! It's made of a vintage clip on earring with no back. I'm sure there are people who are like WTF ARE YOU DOING TO THAT THING?! but if you get what I'm doing here, you get it. The lace, the floral medallions, the layers, the roughness of the chain... It's sort of a Hollywood Regency, if you will.

For the mascara tube I used some pearl beads and a necklace my mom found me from a garage sale a while ago that was kind of a cute idea but wasn't something I wore a lot.

The mascara is a bit more of an investment because unlike the compact, whose pan can be replaced, or the brush, which can be washed, mascaras don't generally get refilled. I thought that if I was careful, I might be able to keep most of the decor on a sheath of fabric so I could peel it off and reattach it to another mascara later.

 I got glue crazy and didn't come up to take a picture until it was finished. Oops. But OMG I can't believe this is my mascara tube. IT IS SO CUTE!! D:

The locket that was left over from the necklace ended up on the end of my brush because why the hell not?

I cut up a cream rosebud from my art stock, a tiny leaf, and a little swatch of cotton lace for the inside.

My goal was to get a sort of diorama of items that reflected the look on the outside (and could still close). I probably should have taken more time here and maybe made my own pieces out of clay because how twee would a tiny deer or something have been? But I think it's still pretty cool, especially because how many people have a lace and pearl filled locket charm hanging from their makeup brush? I am satisfied : 3

Le compact! It was tempting to add more but I decided to leave it as-is.

The accessories! Mascara and brush.

I don't really have the luxury of a lot of space in my bathroom. It's really just a powder room with very little counter but I manage to cram my pretties in there anyway - Along with my favorite container, favorite picture, favorite hat, and favorite headband.

This is a little sedate for my normal taste. When we get out of a rental and put in some roots, WATCH OUT. My bathroom will be so froofy that anyone who enters who hasn't had their booster vaccination against cream and pink will immediately choke on lace and die gasping in the hallway. You've been warned.


** Bird nest headband and silk rose brooch (plus some other stuff!)
** Ah! Cute bag! Do you like my cute bag?


Madame Ora's Floral Fashion Boutique (and Piercings)

There isn't much that's necessary to explain this. The kid was rocking out in the studio being an ar-TEEST. She likes to put pins in terrible places. I asked her if she thought that would hurt. She told me no, it was beautiful. Perhaps there will be many body mods in her future.

This was too lovely not to photograph. I appreciated the layers and artistic arrangements of plastic flowers, bras, and periwinkle tulle in a way that, perhaps, only a mother can truly appreciate. Those little gears and ideas bouncing around in their heads. Makes you so proud. : D